Did you know there are different types of Acupuncture? Which is the one for you?

Since originally training as a Five Elemental Traditional Chinese acupuncturist, I have developed a deep interest in Japanese Acupuncture (Toyohari, Manaka and Kiiko Matsumoto). Toyohari, founded by Kodo Fukushima, was originally practiced by mainly blind acupuncturists. Sensitivity and palpation therefore play a major role in this style. In theory and practice it stays close to the classics of Chinese Medicine, for example, the Nan-Ching.

Acupuncture clinics in Leicester

I have clinics in Leicester (Leicestershire), Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough and Grantham (Lincolnshire) where I am pleased to offer you acupuncture to treat a range of physical and mental health issues, including fertility issues (male & female), emotional issues (anxiety, stress, palpitations), depression, muscular skeletal pain, migraines/headaches, allergies, Facial Rejuvenation and much more. Why not contact me and find out how my skills can help you today.