Caroline Hart said....

Following a Brain Haemorrhage I was suffering from a complete lack of energy and motivation, weak legs, incredible fatigue. Every day was a struggle! Previously I had been very fit and very active so it was making me feel very low. I believed that acupuncture could help me.

Denise spent time talking to me, assessing my problems, asking about my history and my hopes & plans for the future. The treatment that Denise carries out is painless and therapeutic. Gradually it has helped me to become stronger, I am able to move better and I face each day with renewed optimism!

I cannot thank Denise enough for her ability & skill, her understanding, support and help in enabling me to enjoy life again!"

Karen Kane's Story

I first went to see Denise to treat my rheumatoid arthritis as I was going through fertility treatment and had been off of my medication for almost 4 years; Denise spoke to me about the benefits and explained how she could help support the IVF treatment we were having as well. I had read how acupuncture could help infertility and was very open minded about it, but after just thinking about getting treatment for years and having suffered 2 failed IVF attempts one with the loss of a baby at 4 weeks I decided it was worth a try.

Denise helped my arthritis for around 3 months leading up to my treatment, and also gave me specially thought out acupuncture procedures to help aid the drugs and treatment I was on for our 3rd attempt at IVF. Denise came to see me at home for a treatment on the day of my 2 embryos being put back as well!

2 weeks later to our surprise we got a positive pregnancy test! I continued with treatment up to 22 weeks for my arthritis and to support the pregnancy and at 33 weeks despite being early I gave birth to our beautiful twins Harry Benjamin and Erin Lilly.

I really believe that the acupuncture helped me to achieve our dream; it was very relaxing and took my worries away each time. IVF is very much an emotional drain and acupuncture helped me to focus on the session as a pose to the impending results! I couldn't be more grateful to Denise for the help support and professionalism she gave me throughout my time spent with her.

I can't say that acupuncture is a cure for my infertility, but with 3 attempts and the only one that worked was whilst I was receiving treatment, I would definitely recommend at least giving it a go, and to keep a very open mind I wouldn't hesitate to see Denise again if we decide to grow our family, and I would potentially try just acupuncture 1st before going in for IVF.

"Denise has treated me for many years. She has seen me through all of my fertility treatments, where she has supported and helped me through the emotional highs and lows of the roller coaster you go on. She has always worked around the different timings of my fertility treatments and has gone out of her way to make herself available even if it meant a home visit before or after her normal working appointment schedules. I now have a beautiful 2 year old daughter and I am expecting twins shortly, which I am truly grateful for."


After 20 years of irregular cycles due to PCOS, Denise managed to get me to have regular periods after just 3 treatments. When I have a treatment with Denise I come out feeling like a new woman! I feel calm and relaxed with more energy - which has been so important during my IVF treatment. I look forward to my appointments and would highly recommend her to anyone!"


I came to see Denise after suffering back pain due to a car accident a few years previously. After a thorough initial assessment, Denise outlined a course of treatment which would help ease the pain and also increase my energy. I have been thoroughly impressed with the results and my back is now so much better and my energy levels have increased

I would have no hesitation in recommending Denise, whose knowledge and professionalism coupled with her easy and relaxed manner make the sessions enjoyable."

Neil Mott

I decided to see Denise a few months before my second round of IVF treatment started. Having never had acupuncture before, I had to go with an open mind. I'm so glad that I did. From my first visit I felt relaxed & in good hands. She explained everything to me so that I could understand how the treatment was working and I quickly found myself confident in her ability to help me. I decided to continue with the acupuncture throughout my IVF cycle and my partner commented on how different I was from the first time round - calmer and more able to cope with my emotions and the drug programme. The day they transferred the embryos Denise treated me at home and I knew that I'd given myself the best possible chance.

I now have a beautiful baby girl and she's calm, happy and sleeps 12 hours a night, I wouldn't be surprised if that's not down to the treatment! I'd recommend acupuncture & Denise to anyone who is embarking on this difficult but amazing journey."


Acupuncture has benefitted me a lot over the past few years, by helping me manage my pain due to arthritis and also mentally. I always feel happy and relaxed after a treatment and when I was looking after my Mum it helped keep me sane.

Denise is a very good listener and I can talk to her about anything. I have been seeing her now for about 6 years I think and couldn't wish for anyone more caring. She will always give the best related treatment, and I would recommend her to anyone with any sort of problem be it physical or mental. I will continue under her care for a long time I hope."